Visionary now offers same-day iPhone display repairs


Visionary Computer is proud to announce that we are now Apple Authorized to perform in-store display repair on all models of iPhone 6s and newer. With a scheduled appointment, we can complete an iPhone display replacement in about an hour. We use only genuine Apple Service parts and the repair is performed only by Apple Certified iOS Technicians. Additionally, the cost for a new display replacement starts at just $29 with AppleCare+ or $169 without AppleCare+.

We have been providing iPhone service for the last several years; however, when it came to display service, we were bound by Apple’s policies. iPhones needing displays had to be sent back to Apple to ensure proper calibration of the new display. With shipping and repair, that process took several days to complete. Data was erased from those iPhones being shipped out for repair, creating additional hassle when the phone finally returned repaired. It simply wasn’t an ideal way to provide service and to be honest, we were pretty quiet that we even offered it at all. Now the hurdles have all been overcome and we are performing these display repairs and calibration right here in-store and, in most cases, in just an hour, with no loss of data*.

We’ve designed our new iPhone display repair service to provide customers with incredible convenience, ultimate quality, and super speed, all at a value which can’t be beat. Should you find yourself needing a display on your iPhone, give us a call to schedule your same-day iPhone repair. All we need is the serial number of your iPhone to get the process started and you will be back up and running quickly, easily, and at minimal cost. 

* Note - whenever your device is serviced, data loss is possible. We highly recommend regular backup and, of course, be sure to backup your device before bringing it in for any service.