Same-day iPhone repair.

Visionary Computer is proud to offer same day service on most iPhone repairs. From Cameras to Displays, our certified technicians can fix your phone correctly using genuine Apple Service Parts and have it back to you without significant downtime.

For even faster service follow our steps below and schedule your repair.

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If possible make a backup of the phone before you come in. Either to a computer or in iCloud, a backup will ensure you don’t lose any information if an erase is necessary.

Find My…
Turn off Find my iPhone. Either in the settings of the phone itself or on the iCloud website, Find My iPhone must be turned off prior to any repairs.

Fill out the form below to schedule a time that works best in you. We will work with you to minimize downtime and get your iPhone repair completed quickly and professionally.

Typical repair turnaround time is only one to two hours if scheduled! Actual time may vary depending on the phone and component being replaced.

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