iPhone Battery Replacement Reminder


Just a quick reminder that Apple’s iPhone battery pricing will go up significantly in 2019. If you have an iPhone 6 to iPhone X and would like a new battery installed at the reduced pricing, please be sure you schedule that repair before 2019 begins. 

We at Visionary Computer consider batteries to be somewhat like the tires on your car. As they age, they are consumed. Installing a new battery in your phone should give you maximum performance at a relatively minimal cost. For 2018, on iPhone 6 to iPhone X, the cost is just $29.95 for the battery plus a $20 install fee. Starting January 1st 2019, the price of the battery will increase - exactly how much is not yet determined.

We are able to perform most iPhone battery replacements in just a 1 hour window as long as the repair is scheduled. Just call (860) 435-2211 or email to schedule the repair of your iPhone battery by one of our Apple Certified Technicians.