Sale Rack

By David Maffucci

As we have grown, so have the opportunities to provide new types of products. Today we not only sell brand new, we also have a robust offering of steeply discounted pre-owned devices. And it’s not just limited to pre-owned. Our showroom has effectively one of everything out for demonstration and when Apple refresh the lineup, we sell our demo units at steep discounts. We also occasionally get some close-out or leftover devices, many of which are brand new in sealed boxes for hundreds of dollars off the normal retail price. Want an Apple watch for $179? How about an iPad for $199? Or maybe a sealed 512GB Touch Bar MacBook Pro for $400 below the new price? If so, check out our Sale Rack.

We needed a way to communicate these specials to our customers and the public at large in a way which was fair and timely. Therefore we are happy to announce a new page on our web site appropriately named “Sale Rack” which has an up to the minute listing of all the pre-owned, demo, leftover, and other products we have available at steep discounts. It is our hope to use this site to help bring some of Apple’s wonderful technology products into the hands of customers at prices lower than ever expected. Please bookmark the site and check it regularly to learn about some incredible products at tremendous values.