Retina screen “flaking”off, we’ve got the free fix…

By Jose Neto

The Retina screen found on today’s MacBook and MacBook Pro model Macs is a super high resolution display that provides crisp contrast and remarkable colors. Since the Retina Display replaced the old “high-res anti-glare” display, they had to invent a way of reducing as much glare as possible. Apple solved this quandary by coating the Retina Display’s with a new anti-glare coating technology. Unfortunately some users have encountered a problem where the anti-glare coating would effectively flake or peel off the screen, even when the display was cared for properly. Thankfully Apple, being a premium customer service company, has launched a replacement program for customers who’s computers are affected by this issue.


If you have a Mac which displays the symptom described above and shows in the photos attached to this article, you may be eligible for a free screen replacement. Apple is covering the part and labor cost to replace affected screens for up to three years from the original date of computer purchase. Visionary Computer, as an Apple Premium Service Provider, is authorized to provide these repairs at no cost to customers who qualify. If you believe your screen is showing the symptoms, please bring it in for repair soon. Eligibility for the 2012 model Retina Macs has already expired so don’t delay, bring your computer in before time runs out on other affected models.