Visionary Mac Summer Tune-Up Special

One of the reasons we all love our Macintosh Computers is because they are nearly trouble-free. Now that Malware for Macs is so wide-spread, having a quick check-up every once in a while makes a whole lot of sense and, as they age, there are things which could use some attention. Our team of skilled technicians can optimize performance, eliminate small problems, and help identify big ones before they get out of hand. For a limited time, we are offering an incredibly special price on a comprehensive Tune-Up for your Mac. For just $50 (that’s less than half the normal price) we will perform the following services:

• Apply all Apple System Updates.
• Perform disk and directory optimization for increased speed.
• Install the latest version of Adobe Flash for your System.
• Update your Microsoft Office applications. 
• Check the state of your local and off-site backup. 
• Remove any and all Malware. Also install software so you can do this yourself whenever you like.
• Install our secure remote support software, Teamviewer. 
• Clean up the exterior of the computer’s Topcase, Bottom Case, and Display.
• Run a full suite of Apple hardware diagnostics to check the hardware of your particular Mac.
• If you have a Notebook, check the battery for health.
• Identify any and perform any no-cost quality program repairs your Mac may be eligible to receive. 
• Check your warranty status and recommend AppleCare if eligible. 
• (Optional) Run a full Bad Block Scan of your hard drive to test it’s health. (Note - requires an overnight stay.)
• Best of all, you will receive a phone call from one of our Apple Certified Technician to discuss the results of your Tune-Up and upgrade opportunities for increased speed and compatibility. 

We’re offering this special until August 31st, 2016. After that date, this comprehensive bundle of services will return to the normal price of $100-150, depending on which services are selected. Until then you can get them ALL for just $50. Don’t delay, bring in all of your Macs now for our Visionary Summer Mac Tune-up!