Visionary Groundbreaking

I’m excited to share some terrific news with you. Earlier this week we broke ground on our brand new building! Over the next few months I’ll be providing more photos and details however I can say that our primary goal with this new space is to elevate the sales, service, and support experience here at Visionary Computer. We’re creating the premier location for all your Apple technology needs. The new showroom will be more than four times larger than our current space. You will be able to enjoy Apple’s latest products in a roomy, comfortable, friendly setting where you can see all the options and make informed decisions. Our selection of accessories will be considerably expanded giving you more choice to find the item which perfectly complements your individual needs. Perhaps even more essential, we will have multiple dedicated meeting rooms where you can get the technical help, advice, and training you need without distractions. All of our new meeting rooms will put the focus on you, in an effort to ensure that customers derive the maximum value from their time here at Visionary Computer.

Our “groundbreaking” photo above complete with lightsaber shovels is a bit of an homage to the original Star Wars: Episode IV - A new Hope. I was seven years old when the movie came out and I’ve been a lifelong fan of the epic space opera ever since. It is, however, not my love of the film that inspired the photo. It’s because this business change represents the fourth major evolutionary change for Visionary Computer and, in fact, the building does represent a new hope for our future. Apple has changed considerably over the last two decades, and just over a year ago they announced a massive overhaul to the channel program under which we operate. They created a new, program however we are not currently in compliance with several of the requirements. That meant we had to make some very tough decisions. We considered moving to another town which would have made some of the purchase commitments easier to attain but I fell in love with this area a long time ago and have no plans to leave. We also looked into a new location elsewhere nearby but none of the spots we could afford would allow us to create the kind of space we needed to properly serve our customers. In the end we decided on a slightly outside-the-box build which I believe exceeds all of our goals. I designed it personally on a blank sheet of paper without worrying about what walls were where; instead I just created the ultimate space to fit the needs of our customers and workflow perfectly. 

So stay tuned, particularly to our Facebook page. We plan to take lots of photos and videos which we will share with our customers. There may be some minor construction inconveniences, but I can assure you, Visionary Computer will be fully operational during the entire building process.