Backblaze (Fall 2013 Newsletter)


A year ago we had Superstorm Sandy which demolished homes, flooded businesses and wrecked lives. Sandy isn't alone. We've had other storms create catastrophic damage and there will be more to come. Traditional computer backup measures are no match for these types of events. If your home or office is flooded and your computer is under water chances are so is your backup drive. This very thing happened to a few Visionary Customers during Sandy's wrath. Storms aside, what about another form of catastrophic loss such as theft or fire. Well, I'm very happy to say that after researching all kinds of options, we at Visionary Computer have picked the online backup service Backblaze as our choice to protect your data.

Backblaze a simple online backup service that seamlessly backups up all of your data. The software that controls Backblaze was written specifically for Macintosh computers by former Apple engineers. It may take several days to complete your initial backup but once that's done, it works in the background much like how Time Machine works keeping your files up to date. Backblaze also makes it easy to restore files. While I position it as a solution for catastrophic loss, it's so easy to recover files that it can be used for other purposes too. When you use Backblaze, data encryption is built in. The files scheduled for backup are encrypted on your machine then transferred over a secure SSL connection to a Backblaze datacenter where they are stored encrypted on disk. Unlike many competitors, Backblaze offers just one plan…unlimited data. 

With all this technology in place, you may expect that Backblaze would be very costly but thankfully it's priced for everyone. Backblaze is just $5 per machine per month, there are even discounts for 1 or 2 years of service which bring the price down to as low as $3.96 per month. After searching high and low I'm confident that Backblaze is the right off-site backup solution for our customers both home users and business professionals. It's priced right, has the features, software and support needed so you can sleep at night. It's online backup made easy so backup now, before you wish you had.