iCloud, seamless syncing



iCloud is a perfect illustration of why Apple’s products are the best in the world. With iCloud you can sync information across all your devices effortlessly. Sync documents, apps, books, photos, music, calendars, addresses and more. Best of all, iCloud is free! Come learn what’s possible with this incredibly powerful technology baked right into Apple’s current crop of products.


If you need to share info among multiple devices, learning about iCloud is for you. iCloud is especially powerful for people who use multiple computers, such as a desktop computer and a laptop, or people with iOS devices like iPads, iPhones or iPods (or all of the above). Keep in mind that the seminar will show you what iCloud is. To use and setup iCloud, we offer that as a separate service. 


iCloud, seamless syncing has no future classes scheduled at this time.