Visionary Update September 2018


I’ve always been a “glass is half-full” kind of guy so let me start with the good news. I’ve just hired two new Apple Technicians. Once they are both on-boarded, we will have the largest staff we’ve ever had at ten people, seven of whom are Apple Certified Technicians. Additionally, this past August was the single biggest total volume month we’ve every had - which is quite surprising for a non-holiday quarter month. 

The bad news is that for the last several weeks, we’ve also been inundated with service work. So much so that our normally industry leading turn around time has slipped to what I consider unacceptable levels. In response, I’ve hired new staff and, while we await their arrival, my current team and I are working harder and longer than ever before to service our customer’s needs.

There are two primary drivers for the increased volume. The first is Apple. The Apple stores are so busy with iPhone service that they are turfing more Mac customers to us than ever. We welcome all the new folks coming to Visionary from Apple’s referrals. The second driver is of our own creation, many customers want to take advantage of the excellent value in our “Summer Tune-up Special” which ends September 30th. 

To help alleviate the strain, we are extending the end date of the special out one additional month to October 31st. It’s my hope that this will smooth the wave of customers getting that tune-up service into next month when I’ll have my two new technicians fully on-boarded and able to handle the volume. We appreciate for your patience and please know that we’re doing all we can to respond to the “new normal” of things and prepare for future growth.

Thank you,


David Maffucci
President, Technician, Optimist
Visionary Computer