An important message from Visionary Computer regarding ISP email.


Recently, we’ve had a massive increase in the number of customers using legacy Internet Service Provider (ISP) email systems that are having increasing difficulty getting new mail, sending mail, or moving their account to a new computer or modern OS. If you have an email address ending in,, or several others which no longer exist, you are in jeopardy of losing access to that email and we strongly recommend switching to an email system not tied to your ISP such as Gmail or iCloud. 

Since SNET and SBCGlobal are out of business, it’s not even possible to get support. Even though the account may have been ported to Yahoo, in many cases we are finding customer accounts effectively in limbo. We can’t get help from Yahoo or any of the defunct telcos. These limbo accounts could easily be turned off with no recourse. Beginning the process to leave the legacy mail provider as soon as possible is the best course of action. This will ensure you have access to new email as well as an easy way to pickup mail from the old account until such time as it becomes completely non-functional. 

We understand changing an email address is daunting but thankfully Visionary Computer can help make it painless by setting up Gmail to “pop into” the old account. That ensures that you make the switch day one to the new email system but are still getting all mail sent to your former address. If a friend or business sends you a message on your old account, it’s picked up by the new email service and shows up right in your inbox. Cost-wise the process is a variable based on how many devices you need setup, how much mail you have, and how accurate your credentials are. Generally, the price starts at around $50 for a single device with all good credentials, and little to no mail to port over. More devices, and more mail will require additional time and cost. Everyone’s needs will be different, we will attempt to accomplish everything in one appointment with a technician however additional time may be required for complex jobs. 

While SNET and SBCGlobal are the two big offenders, we are also recommending all users who have an ISP based email account make the switch. This includes customers with @comcast, @charter, @earthlink, @verizon, @roadrunner, @spectrum, @frontier, @cablevision, @optonline, @fairpoint, and any other ISP based email account. If your email account is tied in any way to your provider, it is our recommendation that you use a well known and established mail service (like Google) which is not dependent on your ISP. This will ensure that your email address is portable and can move with you as your life changes. 

Visionary Computer can simplify this change and enable you to have the best of both worlds. Access to your old email while running on a modern system with a reliable and robust infrastructure setup for speed, reliability, and unparalleled uptime all at minimal cost. Do not delay, if you have provider-based email, contact us today to schedule your upgrade and email migration before it’s too late. Finally, be sure you run a full Time Machine backup prior to coming in for your email migration appointment. If you do not have a full Time Machine backup, we can set one up as a pre-repair service. Everyone using a Mac should have a full Time Machine backup always. Call (860) 435-2211 or email to schedule your appointment today.


David Maffucci
President & Owner