Visionary Computer and iPhone Battery Replacement


Updated January 11th

Apple recently released a statement regarding iPhone batteries and performance. In that statement, they offered reduced pricing on battery replacements for qualifying iPhones during the year 2018. Without getting into specifics, Apple’s pricing is below our costs. We are however reducing our iPhone battery replacement pricing down to just $49.95 including parts, labor, and testing. While this puts the repair below our costs, we hope that what we lose in revenue we can make up in customer goodwill. 

As a consumer, you have the power to choose which offering provides the best value. You can spend your time trying to get an appointment with an Apple Store, traveling to the store, waiting for your turn at the genius bar, and traveling home in order to get a $29 battery replacement. Or, you can contact us, we will promptly schedule a 1 hour window in which we can replace your battery at a cost of just $49.95. 

We at Visionary Computer want all of our customers to have the very best experience with their Apple products. We look forward to serving your needs in the near future.



David Maffucci
Visionary Computer