Visionary Computer Technology Workshop - “Intro to macOS”

Do you know the most frequently asked question here at Visionary Computer? Actually, it’s “When are you going to start selling the iPhone…”, but the second most frequently asked question is “When are you going to bring back your popular free classes, seminars, and workshops?” Well, I have the answer to that one - we are rebooting them starting this weekend!

We’re restarting with the basics, a one hour workshop here in our beautiful new showroom. The topic is an "introduction" to the macOS and specifically macOS Sierra version 10.12. This first workshop will lead the way to a series of others aimed at helping users get the most out of their Apple products. 

Ideally, you would bring your own notebook Mac which should be running macOS Sierra. A very limited number of Visionary Computer Macs will be available on a first come, first serve basis if you don't have your own. Once here, you can follow along with our instructor Levi Haag, as he takes you through the basics of using a Mac and exploring some of the power built into the macOS. This is not an iPad workshop, those will follow at a later date.

Space is limited so registration is required. We are offering four dates initially with more to follow based on demand. Those dates and times are:

Saturday, July 22nd at 9am
Saturday, August 5th at 9am
Saturday, August 12th at 9am
Saturday, August 26th at 9am

The workshop will being promptly at 9am so don’t be late. They will take place in our showroom located at 29 Bissell Street in Lakeville. There will be about 40 minutes of presentation followed by about 20 minutes of Q&A. The workshop will end at 10am when our store opens to the public. 

To register you space, please click here to sign up!