Visionary Computer Opens NEW Store!


Small-town technology company celebrates 23 years in business by opening a brand new store with more than four times the retail space.

LAKEVILLE – May 1st, 2017 – Visionary Computer today celebrated its 23rd year in business by giving a gift to customers - Visionary has opened its brand new and expanded store. The new construction is located behind its old offices at 29 Bissell Street in Lakeville. “This project has been in the planning and construction phase for the better part of the last two years” said David Maffucci, owner of Visionary Computer. “We wanted to create a space which would enable us to give the ultimate customer experience, dramatically increase our retail space, and provide unparalleled customer service.”

Maffucci went on to say, “I also expect the greatly expanded retail space to pay dividends in the all important service and repair aspects of our business as we gain tremendous efficiency.” Maffucci cited that prior to the new building, as many as three Apple certified technicians would share one small room. He added, “They didn’t have enough room to work at their true capacity.” Room is certainly no longer a problem at Visionary. The expanded building has more than four times the retail space and more than double the overall square footage of the old building alone, plus they now have a full basement for storage under the new construction. 

Visionary’s relationship with Apple Inc. is another reason for the large build-out. According to Maffucci, “Now that the we are open, we are formalizing our application into Apple’s Premier Partner Program, which will greatly improve the products and services we are authorized to sell to our customers.” Maffucci says that Apple introduced the new program about a year ago and of the 150 or so dealers in the US only about 60 have made the transition to the new relationship with Apple Inc., “There are some significant hurdles and requirements to gain entry in the new program and its taking time, effort, and resources to get in full compliance - thankfully we are finally ready.”

During a special event hosted by Visionary Computer on Saturday evening, Maffucci and his wife Shelley gave presentations about the state of their business and its future. According to Shelley Maffucci, “The new store just feels so much better, we wanted to start out with a blank sheet of paper and design a space that had enough room and capacity to really allow customers to enjoy their shopping experience with us.” During Shelley’s presentation, she showed a series of photos which illustrated Visionary’s progression from its early days up through its new space. 

Site work is still in progress and an expanded parking lot is expected to be completed in the next month. According to Maffucci, “When the parking lot is complete we will be inverting the parking so you head in toward the building which should help draw your eyes toward the new entrance.” Visionary Computer is located at 29 Bissell Street in Lakeville Connecticut. They are open for business Monday through Friday from 9am till 5pm and Saturday from 10am till 4pm.

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David Maffucci
Visionary Computer