How to protect yourself from - Malware

Not to scare you too much here but Malware on the Mac has reached epidemic levels. I’d say that approximately 25% of the Macs we see in the shop have some form of Malware on them and it’s cause for concern.We wrote about it years ago so rather than rehash that article (which you should read if you didn’t…) I’d just like to update the links. Thomas Reed’s excellent AdwareMedic software has been acquired by a company called Malwarebytes. Thankfully, the software has been updated and it remains free. You can download it here, be aware that it requires Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion or later. This software tool remains amazingly good and it’s definitely mature enough to be fee-based commercial software yet for whatever reason, it remains free. I suspect it won’t stay free for much longer so please, download it now, install it, and run it once every few weeks. It will find and remove all the common forms of Mac Malware. 

Here are some screen shots of Malwarebytes in use: