The next big OS from Apple

A day before the 2015 World Wide Developers (WWDC) conference I made a blog post in which I expressed my hope that Apple would opt for refinement to their Mac and iDevice Operating Systems rather than massive new feature or new look over exuberance. I'm very happy to say that at the Keynote they did almost exactly as I had hoped.

In terms of the Mac, the new OS will be called "El Capitan" which is the name of a vertical rock formation which is found inside of Yosemite National Park. Very fitting in so far as this new OS is a refinement of the last OS named "Yosemite."  Apple described El Capitan which will carry the version number 10.11 well when they said:  

"Improvements under the hood make your Mac snappier and more efficient in all kinds of everyday tasks — from opening PDFs to accessing your email. And with Metal for Mac, you get faster and more fluid graphics performance in games, high-performance apps, and many other places."

They also talked quite a bit about the next version of iOS which like the Mac OS sounded much more evolutionary than revolutionary. Again, that's just what we needed. There is now a third OS, that one being "Watch OS" for the new Apple Watch. An update there was also announced. Since the watch is so new, it is fitting that the Watch OS 2 announced would be much more radically redesigned than the Mac or iDevice OS versions and that's OK. The watch has a long road ahead of it and it's off to a very promising start. 

I am quite pleased with the news from WWDC 2015 and I suspect this fall when all these things are released into the magical software update screen on your Mac and iDevice they will be updates we whole heartedly recommend applying.