Apple reinvents the Notebook (again...)

At Apple's big press event on Monday the 9th there were many cool things discussed however in our minds one really stole the show and it wasn't the "headline" product either. It was Apple's reimagined Notebook now called simply "MacBook." Some of our loyal Mac customers may recognize the name but trust me, this is not a reincarnation of the consumer-grade White (or black) MacBook of 2006-2010. Apple decided to design a notebook computer specifically made to be used the way most people use their portable Mac. Ultra portable, ultra high-resolution, and ultra wireless. 

There is only one port (well, it does have a headphone jack too)'s a radical new port called USB-C and, with the right adapter, it can be used for power, USB, HDMI or VGA. Some adapters allow the use of multiples of those ports. Since the vast majority of users are not cabled to their Internet connection or printer or backup the lack of ports - for the right people - will not matter at all. I'll say right now, this computer is not for everyone however for the people it is designed for, it will be amazing, revolutionary, and very slick.

The new MacBook will come in three colors, Space Gray, Silver, and Gold. There will be two standard configurations, the first costing $1299 will have a 1.1GHz processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD Flash based storage. A second model costing $1599 will increase the processor speed to 1.2GHz and double the storage to 512GB of SSD Flash based storage. For more information, have a read at the official MacBook website located here. And if you would rather watch than read, have a look at the new MacBook Video, it's excellent.