Visionary's Holiday Giveaway


I’ve always loved the holidays. As a child with a large Italian family, we didn’t just celebrate one Christmas - we had one in the Bronx, one in Queens and one at home. It was literally weeks of fun and presents. As an adult, my interests in the holidays have shifted from excitement about getting gifts to giving them and sharing time with the people I love. That’s why this year, my business, Visionary Computer, is going to find new homes for at least ten pre-loved Macs which we are giving away for free.

Visionary has always sold Apple’s latest and greatest Macintosh Computers - all at the same prices you would find online or at Apple directly. We’ve also at times purchased our customer’s old Macs. We did so both in an effort to help make it easier for customers to upgrade to a new Mac and also because we refurbish the older computers we buy, and then sell them off as pre-loved, refreshed Macs at great prices. Perfect for customers who either don’t need or can not afford the latest technology. It’s a system which has worked well for many years.

We do however have a large stockpile of somewhat older, pre-2010 Macs. Looking at my list, I’d say I’ve got at least $2,500 invested in them between the purchase price and our time (to clean, test, wipe, image, repair, upgrade and catalog these Macs.) And while I’m sure I can find a selling price where I can recoup some of that investment, I’ve decided that this year we are just going to give them away as our special holiday present.

I’m not really qualified to decide who gets one of these free Macs and who doesn’t so I’m going to follow a procedure to get them out there which boils down to a random drawing. Randomly throughout the holiday season, I will post up the details about one of the free Macs on our Facebook Page everyone who Shares the post will be entered into the drawing for that particular Mac. The following day, at noon I will draw a random number and a winner will be selected. If you are selected, you can keep the Mac for yourself or give it to anyone of your choosing. That’s it…I’d only make two disclaimers about these free pre-loved Macs:

1.) Accessories are not included. In the case of the notebook Macs, we are not able to include an AC adapter and in the case of the desktop Macs, keyboard and mouse are not included. We will however offer discounted brand new accessories for $49 to any of the winners (AC adapter for notebooks or a keyboard and mouse set for desktops.) Note - If any customers or companies out there want to underwrite the accessories for winners, please contact me and I’ll be happy to include your name or company name as the donor. 

2.) These are all “as is.” We are not adding any warranty on these Macs. They are being offered as is. Each and every one did go through a testing procedure here. They have all been wiped clean and a fresh bundle of software has been loaded. At the time of cataloging, they were all in fully functional condition however some of them have been in our list for more than a year. In that time batteries may have failed or DVD drives may have stopped working. We will do our best to ensure they all work when they leave but there is no warranty on them at all.

I’m looking forward to finding good homes for all these MacBook and iMac computers. If you know someone who can benefit from them, please share the post when it pops up on Facebook and get in the drawing so you can be the hero of their holidays by giving them a wonderful (albeit older) Mac. Special thanks to Visionary customer and world famous cartoonist Peter Steiner who graciously created and donated the cartoon accompanying this email. Mr. Steiner also donated two iMacs to this campaign.

Thank you,

David Maffucci
Visionary Computer