Sept 10th a whole lot brighter

Yesterday Apple sent out press invites to a special event scheduled to take place on Tuesday September 10th at 10am PST (1PM EST) in Cupertino CA. While we now know the date, time and place of the event, what's unknown is the content. What exactly are they planning to announce? Well, no one outside of a select few actually know the answer however the web is buzzing with speculation. If you look at the invite image itself you will see a few things which in my opinion are clear signs that point to an iOS release. A few months ago Apple publicly showed the new iOS 7 which is the foundation for devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The colors and font used in the invite clearly are similar to what we've seen from Apple regarding iOS 7. The larger question is will this simply be a software roll out or might there be some new hardware to run this new iOS...we will all know in just a few short days. Let the speculation begin!