Service Feedback (Fall 2013 Newsletter)


We need you. That's right, you. Apple loves to check up on us, see how we are doing, check our progress and monitor our performance. To do so they frequently send our customers surveys via email about their experiences here in our shop and regarding our repair services. The vast majority of those emails are quickly deleted but it is extra critical that our customers, you in particular, fill them out and here is why…

Apple's metrics are based on much larger businesses in much more commercial areas than ours. As a result, our actual scores are (and have been) great but our sample size is so low that it's considered "statistically irrelevant." When it's below a certain threshold we loose the ability to even get a chance at attaining our goals, it's like an automatic disqualification and that's were we are right now for 2013. I know that most other Apple Specialists are so large that if only one in 100 people fill out the survey they will be fine, for us however the math won't work unless we get a much higher percentage of our customers to actually take the 2 minutes and fill out the survey. 

We like it here in the Northwest Hills and we believe we add tremendous value to our community. With a small bit of help, your help, we can continue to do so for a very long time. Note that I'm only asking you to fill out the survey, I'm not telling you how to respond to the questions. I always want honesty. Of course I would hope that we exceeded your expectations and delivered a world-class experience. (If for some reason we did not, I'd love to hear about it personally so I can take corrective action sooner than later, you can always reach me at ext 101 or via direct email, Scores aside, we need responses, as many as possible so please, fill out the Apple survey and thank you for helping us overcome so called "statistical irrelevance."