Mavericks & iOS 7 (Fall 2013 Newsletter)


The fall is always the most exciting time of year for Apple and 2013 is no exception. Just a few days ago Apple rolled out iOS 7, the biggest upgrade to iOS since the original release of the iPhone. iOS 7 adds so many new features that it makes your existing iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch feel like a brand new device. Also coming soon is OS X Mavericks aka OS 10.9 for the Mac. Apple hasn't yet picked an exact release date but they have described a number of the new features which really whet our appetites for the software. Some of the killer new features include…

iBooks for Mac - Now your computer can access the books you already have on your iOS device. That means you're just a click away from over 1.8 million books! This is especially helpful for people whose vision benefits from seeing the book enlarged on a nice big screen.

Maps for Mac - Another case where seeing something on the big screen can really help. Maps will bring an unprecedented level of detail and really exploit all the graphics power inside your computer. Best of all, you can find a place on your Mac and send it to your iOS device for turn by turn GPS style directions when you are on the go.

Calendar - It seems that life just keeps getting busier but with the new streamlined Calendar and iCloud integration in Mavericks, keeping track of it all will get a whole lot easier. New views, a new inspector and revamped interface add up to a powerful way to keep your schedule in check.

Safari - Speed and simplicity summarize Safari's big changes. Under the hood improvements make browsing faster and safer. While new features like Share Links let you explore content you never knew existed. Browse better in Mavericks with the new Safari.

iCloud Keychain - How many passwords can you remember? Well, iCloud can remember more and in Mavericks your passwords will follow you. iCloud Keychain stores your website user names and passwords on the devices you’ve approved. It protects them with robust 256-bit AES encryption, and keeps them up to date on each device.

Finder Tabs - If you're like me, you love using Tabbed browsing in Safari, that same concept is coming to Finder windows. Now you can consolidate multiple windows into just one. Switch between tabs with a simple click.

Advanced Technologies - Features are all well and good but under the hood Apple has really amped up the power in Mavericks. Technologies like Time Coalescing will group operations together so your computer can be more power efficient and use less energy. Compressed Memory will let even RAM starved computers run quicker. These and a few others all basically add up to increased efficiency and speed from Mavericks.