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Our goal is to enable our customers get more from their Apple technology products. We truly enjoy sharing the wonderful things Macs, iPads, iPhones and other Apple products can bring to your work or personal life. Here are some comments customers made regarding our service and interaction. Like to add your voice? Just send an email to

In the Northwest Corner and surrounding areas, there is no excuse for not patronizing Visionary Computer. Profits remain in the local community rather than being sent to a far away corporate office. 
Not only do you save the time, trouble and gasoline costs of driving to Danbury or West Hartford, you are also stimulating the local economy. 
When purchasing Apple products from Visionary Computer, you pay the same price as at the Apple Store, but you also get something no large national chain store can give you: the personal attention and support of owner David Maffucci and his highly trained and experienced staff of Apple specialists.
When you have computer emergencies or need service, there is also a wonderful, fun loving four legged dog waiting to play with you. You will not find that kind of stress reliever at Apple stores.
— Asher Pavel, Cornwall CT
To improve your computer future, see Visionary Computer!
— Rob Riemer, Amenia NY
“I have known David for more twenty years now, and have dealt exclusively with him for ANYTHING Mac. From our kids first Apples so long ago, and then updates and into Mac’s through the early years and right through their college and law school years. For my business, David has been my provider ever since day one for Visionary. He and his products and his work, are the best. And at home, there too he has always provided the best. We are proud to support Visionary, and always will!
— Rick Hotaling, Sharon CT
One of David’s first group of customers in 1994, I have always bought from him because of his integrity and his service. I trust his recommendations on the equipment and service I need and I know that if I have a problem with my Mac, Visionary will take care of it promptly. To have such terrific service so close to home is just great - our own Apple Geniuses right here in the neighborhood. Would never buy Apples anywhere else!
— Dwight Hatcher, Cornwall CT
David Maffucci has the uncanny ability to consistently give me the right technical and strategic advice in real-time that helps my business grow. I consider him to be an integral part of my team because he allows me to focus on what I do best to achieve my business objectives by adding what he does best!
— Lola White, Goddess Cottage
The Team at Visionary Computer has helped me find renewed interest and competence in technology. I was worried, afraid and even embarrassed I had fallen so far behind what was happening in mechanical advancements. Starting a new business I had to to launch myself into the latest modalities of the Apple world and The Visionary team has made it not only easy but also fun to understand what is available. As a Yoga Instructor I am always encouraging people to find the path that creates the least amount of stress in the day. The Visionary Team helps support that in every way!
— Andes Hruby, Studio Blue