Visionary Computer General Business Policies

Hourly Rate

The rate for our services is $90 per hour.This rate is the same for carry in services, on-site services, consulting services and repair services.

Travel Fee

In addition to the hourly rate, on-site services of all kinds also incur a travel fee.The travel fee is based on the round trip travel time to your location from our office at 29 Bissell Street in Lakeville, billed at $1 per minute. Thus if it takes 35 minutes round trip, your travel fee is $35.

Bench Fee

All non-warranty carry-in repair and/or services incur a $45 bench fee. In cases of repair, we’ll give you a cost estimate including parts & labor. If you decline the repair, the $45 bench fee will still apply. If you approve the repair you pay for parts, labor and the bench fee is waived.The bench fee applies to ALL carry in services, including quick services such as RAM installs, software updates or any time we perform any services on your computer.

Data Policy

During the course of a repair or service, it is possible that software or data on your hard drive may be erased. Visionary Computer cannot overemphasize the importance of backing up your hard drive before having your computer serviced. Visionary Computer disclaims responsibility for all loss, corruption, or damage to software applications, data, or any information stored on any product given to Visionary Computer for service.

Backup Services

At customer request and expense,Visionary Computer can perform a full backup of your computer’s hard drive to one of our backup drives or server volumes. Full backup services have a variable cost starting at $99. Be aware that the cost may be significantly higher if your computer is damaged and the hard drive must be extracted before we can begin the backup or if you have more than 100GB of data to backup. Backups are kept for at least 7 days beyond the completion date of your repair.

Phone Support

Support phone calls are billable. Support calls will be billed at $1 per minute based on the total time of the call. Customers have a variety of free alternatives (such as web based support, email support and others.) At present, Visionary Computer does not charge for email support, if you have a question, email it to us for free help.

Credit Terms

All Computer purchases are payable at the time of pickup or install. For smaller purchases or service invoices, we will bill customers with accounts in good standing. Invoices must be paid within 30 days of billing in order to remain in good standing. Customers who have not kept their accounts in good standing will be required to either pay invoices at the time service is provided or keep a credit card on file.

Appointment Cancellations

We require 24 hours notice for any appointment cancellation. If you do not provide 24 hours notice prior to canceling a scheduled appointment, a $45 fee (half hour) charge will be assessed. For on-site appointments where we come to your location and you are not there (no-show) the $45 fee plus any applicable travel fees will be assessed.

Revised April 12th 2013