Apple Sales Specialist

The Sales Specialist is Visionary Computer's frontline person for Apple product sales and customer service. They are the face of Visionary and thus an important key to our success. They carry on the tradition of exceptional customer service, superior product knowledge and sales skills all while being exceptionally gregarious and helpful. Their main goal is to delight our customers and to go above and beyond in an effort to solve our customer's IT needs and bring them new, useful and interesting products. Sales Specialists are passionate, curious, active, and friendly. They treat customer's and coworkers with the highest respect and search out new ways to improve Visionary's systems to make Visionary a more profitable and unique business.

Principal Duties:

• Share your Passion - You must be passionate about technology, particularly Apple products. Passion is contagious, be prepared to share your passion with others as you interact, assist, educate and delight. Specialists keep up with emerging trends in technology. They read tech blogs and publications daily as well as the Apple website. They have a strong understanding and interest in electronics, software, and hardware.
• Customer Service - Sales Specialists have impeccable ability to charm, understand and to properly outfit our customers with the right Apple solution. A Specialist must have strong social skills to communicate with our very diverse customers.They also need the ability to defuse tense situations and the gregariousness to connect with new clients.
• Product Knowledge - Here the Sales Specialist must have a strong knowledge of the Apple products and be able to communicate about these products to customers in a language they can understand. A Specialist should use logic, reasoning, and knowledge of Apple products and Visionary's systems to provide great customer service; as well as make decisions based on experience, common sense, and creativity.
• Internal Systems - The Sales Specialist needs to be comfortable with Visionary's internal systems for creating invoices, scheduling appointments, accessing the phone system and gathering pertinent data for the repair database.


• Customer Service - Sales Specialists are rated on their ability to proactively charm customers and solve their tech needs. They need to be actively seeking out customers for sales and connections.
• Productivity - No job is too small for the Sales Specialist at Visionary Computer. If the trash is full, the specialist takes it out. The Sales Specialist is also in charge of receiving and unboxing the daily packages and restocking the store shelves. Keeping the showroom clean and tidy is everyone's job, but is most important to the Specialist.
• Certification - Staying up to date on Apple Sales Training Online and achieving the highest level possible.


• High School Diploma or GED required
• Able to work a dynamic schedule up to 40 hours possibly including Saturdays.
• Ability to lift up to 50lbs and be on your feet 8 hrs a day.
• 2 years in a retail environment (preferably electronics)

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Visionary Computer, an Apple Authorized Specialist and Service Provider located in Lakeville Connecticut, has been serving the Apple needs of customers for over 20 years. We offer a fun and vibrant work environment, competitive pay, available health insurance, and plenty of room for career growth and advancement. Maintaining a great culture and happy customers are our top priorities, and we're looking for positive, professional, results-driven individuals to join our incredible team.